Which Yoni Steam to Buy?

Don't Know Which Steam to Choose? Here are some descriptions of each steam, then make your choice.

Queen’s Yoni Steam
This steam is for Queens looking for a nice steam. If you are experiencing tightness in your Yoni, vaginal dryness, going through menopause, need a boost in your sex drive this is the steam for you.
The Queen Steam is also for Queens who may have experienced some kind of trauma in their lives, such as rape, rough sex, you scratched your Yoni, etc. This steam heals the wounds and offers relief.
The Queen Steam is also great for offering your Yoni some extra love and care. Sometimes we just need to steam after a long week or preparing for a romantic night. This steam helps raise our mood. The Queen’s Steam is here to relax you. If you are going through a breakup, what other way to move on than to steam your ex out your Yoni!
Ingredients: Lavender, Rose Petals, Damiana and Calendula
Queens Rebalance Steam
For Queens who find themselves constantly or occasionally getting yeast infections, Bacterial vaginosis (BV) Vaginitis, urinary tract infections (UTI), odd discharge, pain during sex, swollen vulva, or vaginal odor- this is the steam for you.
Usually when you are getting these types of infections, sometimes it is because your pH is completely off-balance, other times it is diet, sometimes it is bacteria you have gotten through inserting something in your yoni, not wiping yourself properly, birth control, tight underwear. Things like this.
To help rebalance yourself, this steam addresses the issues going on. After steaming, you will find relief from this struggle. The result is your yoni steams out the problems you are having, and you regain a natural balance in your womb. You will find your yoni smells way better, you are wetter; the infections slow down or stop all together, inching relief, and sex is more pleasurable. Your Yoni will thank you.
Ingredients: Sage, Raspberry Leaf, Nettle, Lavender, Calendula
Short Period | Missing Period
Queens who are missing their cycles or experiences an odd short cycle. This steam is here to bring your cycle back. Many times, shortened cycles result from not ovulating, perimenopause or sometimes stress related. There are many reasons your cycle has been cut short.
If this is affecting your fertility or you just want to get back to normal, give this steam a try. The goal is to bring back your period and ensure you ovulate properly.
Ingredients: Dong Quai, Vitex/ Chase Berries, and Yarrow
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) | Fertility |Ovarian Cysts | Fibroids
This powerful steam is focused on getting every queen who is suffering on track. Those who suffer from PCOS are encouraged to use this steam. Those who have fibroids and cysts are also highly encouraged to use this steam. This steam is also known to boost fertility.
Women with PCOS have a hormonal disorder that affects the reproductive system. This steam, along with a clean diet, is here to lessen the symptoms and help get pregnant. Because your hormones can be out of balance because of the PCOS, the steam balances them so you can get pregnant and stay pregnant.
The steam also aids in shrinking fibroids and cysts. Many women suffer from uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. Cysts can cause pain in the pelvic area, paid during sex, pain during your period, etc. Sometimes the Cyst can rupture and cause sharp abdominal pain.  Fibroids cause heavy periods, fatigue, pain during periods, bloated stomach, etc. Both are painful and not natural. Steaming regularly helps manage and eliminate fibroids and cysts.
Fertility. The best part about steaming for fertility is the positive pregnancy test. This steam prepares the uterus for pregnancy. It strengthens the womb to prepare to carry your baby full term. The steaming will help cleanse the womb by loosening old matter and making space for a fertilized egg to implant and grow.    
Ingredients: Dong Quai, White Peony, Yarrow. Holy Basil and Nettles.
Heavy Bleeding | Endometriosis | Long Period | Fallopian Tubes Blockage
Heavy bleeding or having a long period is not natural for our bodies. There are multiple causes for heavy bleeding. It can be growth of non-cancerous tumors, problems in the cervix, hormone related problems or other disorders. The way you know your periods are heavy or too long is if your period last longer than 7 days. If your menstrual flow that soaks through one or more pads within hours in a row. You may also feel tired and exhausted.
Using this steam can help with rebalancing your hormones and getting your periods back to normal. Regulating your cycle leads to having a regular period that is way less painful.
Endometriosis when abnormal tissue grows outside the uterus. This affects your ovaries, fallopian tubes and tissue lining your pelvis. This can lead to women having a lot of pain. It affects your fertility. Sometimes doctors even suggest surgery, which doesn’t always work. To help with this, my steam is to address the problems that come with endometriosis. By using the steam, women will see decreasing pain, balancing of hormones and restoring the natural function of the Uterus. It’s important to regain a natural balance in your womb.
This steam is also intended for blocked fallopian tubes. Many women who have experienced tubal blockage have found steaming to unblock their tubes. Steaming helps remove old residue that causes the blockage.
Ingredients: Dandelion, Dong Quai, White Peony, Yarrow, Red Raspberry Leaf, Shepard’s Purse, and Nettles
Queen’s Detox | Miscarriage Prevention| Pregnancy Preparation 
Women who have suffered miscarriages need to prepare their bodies for pregnancy. There are many reasons women have miscarriages, but what is important is how we recover from them. This steam is to address pregnancy after miscarriages, reoccurring miscarriages and detox after a miscarriage.
The goal of this steam is to release stagnant cellular tissue resulting from the accumulation in uterine lining during pregnancy. The steam helps remove pregnancy matter and complete uterine reset. It is supposed to restore balance in the womb and restrengthen the uterus and prepare for pregnancy.
Other benefits include help with depression, postpartum, cleaning mind, medication to find a space for peace. It also is a mood raiser.  
Ingredients: Red Raspberry, Vitex/ Chaste Berries, Holy Bail, Dong Quai, Calendula
This gentle steam aid in the healing process after birth. The warmth and circulation helps in assisting the womb to return to a “normal” state. With the steam, it helps with increasing blood circulation to your yoni, helps rebalance the hormones, helps with postpartum depression, and helps raise your mood. Besides these things, it helps with stimulating breast milk, helps with returning sex drive, reduces swelling and more.
This steam is also suggested to use after clearance from doctor or at least 6 week postpartum.
Ingredients: Dandelion, Lavender, Red Raspberry