About Yoni Mack

I'm Mackleen Desravines, also known as Yoni Mack. Yes, the same Mackleen Desravines that is a filmmaker. Ok you didn't wonder if I was the filmmaker but I digress. I became a certified Yoni steam practitioner based in Atlanta, Georgia, during the pandemic summer of 2020! I mainly focus on womb health, fertility, and self-care. I studied herbs and learned about the combination of herbs and how they can heal women.

A big part of my journey started from having three miscarriages, being diagnosed with PCOS, having fibroid surgery, having polyps removed, and still having another fibroid removed from my uterus as I gave birth to my first child! Not to mention, I suffered the great loss of losing my mother and, five months later, my father during the pandemic. Whew. That was a mouthful!

Because of my experiences, I wanted to help other women who could be going through some loss, sadness, pregnancy preparation, post-pregnancy, or just enjoy a wet &*%&^$ ;). There is a lot to self-care and fertility help. Let's walk this journey together.

Stay awesome,

-Yoni Mack