Customized Organic Herbs

Choose the herbs that best suit your current needs. Heal your womb one steam at a time

Organic Handmade Yoni Detox Pearls

Detox and heal your womb with the Yoni Detox Pearls!

Bath Bombs

Give Yourself some self care with organic herbal bath bombs that don't harm the yoni!

Shower Bombs

Don't have time for a bath? Enjoy these aromatherapy shower bombs

Deep Abyss Yoni Oil

Sacred Oil for the Womb
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Self-Care Threesome Bundle

Who doesn't love a self-care bundle? Getting a bundle that includes a Yoni Steam, Yoni Soap and the Deep Abyss Yoni Oil makes for a great night of self-care. Choose the type of steam and soap you want and let's ship off the threesome bundle.

Only $40

Threesome Bundle

What Is Yoni Steaming?

Let's talk about what yoni steaming is and the importance of picking your customized steam to help with your womb care.


Detoxing At It’s Finest!

Listen when I tell you this detox tea is the truth! It really is. So far I Jane enjoyed the interactions with the detox. I will be ordering a lot of products from you!

The bath bomb took my bath to the next level!

Fresh And Clean 

I loved my bath bomb! Treat your yonis ladies!

I love the bath & shower bombs! They're not only beautiful, but they smell incredible. I'm allergic to artificial fragrances, so having these not bother my allergies is wonderful. My fave is usually the lavender, but since I had a sinus infection the past week, I'm sold on the eucalyptus. Just ordered more to have around for guests & to surprise my niece with who is visiting for the week. You won't be disappointed!

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Dorothy Paul
Crystal White

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