Why your Puss^%$^ isn’t Enough

Why your Puss^%$^ isn’t Enough

Everyone thinks their hot box is the hottest box. When you want something from a man or woman, the box just can’t be enough. Think about it. When you eat something so tasty the first time, you crave it and crave it. If you ate it every day, would you really be just as mesmerized?

If we are talking about the power of the pussy, the pussy has to do more than fuck. There is so much power in what is between our legs, but what gives it power is how we carry ourselves. If you are looking for a relationship, marriage, sugar daddy, job, whatever and you solely depend on your pussy to get it, it won’t work.

One time, I was in the mall and I saw what I thought wasn’t the most attractive girl. She was with the finest man! At first, I’m like, she’s paying all his bills because ain’t no way. (My hater ass) But then, I’m seeing him carry her bags, as if he took HER shopping. Even the way he looked at her was with all this love. This woman walked with confidence. She didn’t even notice me staring at them. Why? Cause she didn’t care. That was her man, and he wasn’t going anywhere. I can almost bet money that her bedroom ways isn’t what has him drooling and taking her shopping. It was her.     

What works is what we feel, speak, and think about ourselves. Desperation isn’t attractive. Bitterness isn’t sexy. Boastful isn’t Wifey material. Cockiness isn’t confidence. The pussy becomes more powerful when you are authentically you. Like the real you. The connection, power, beauty that is you. I always say, crave yourself and watch them crave you…


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