What Causes Heavy Period Cycles Anyway?

What Causes Heavy Period Cycles Anyway?

Ever since we were little girls, our periods sent us a message that we were women. It wasn’t just that we became women; we became women who bleed, and the blood is a message from the womb. Does that sound weird? Good.

When we are young, we aren’t thinking of fertility, fibroids, cyst, etc. We just accepted the heavy periods and cramps and either got on birth control or got on some kind of medication if our cramps were out of control. Ibuprofen anyone? Heavy bleeding could mean all kinds of things, things we ignored back then because we were told this is normal.

What Causes it?

Mayo Clinic says it could have been hormone imbalance, dysfunction of the ovaries, uterine fibroids, and more.

All of this could have been a problem from the time we were very young. There was the moment our wombs spoke to us. Something was wrong. Heavy bleeding and severe cramps are not normal. We could have had cyst growing in us right from the start. Fibroids were just making their way to disturb our peace!

We never should have accepted this. Had I known way back then, when my body could heal itself faster that I had Polycystic ovary syndrome, I would have changed things. My mother and I should have worked with the doctor to come up with a plan on how to manage my PCOS way back then. By the time I was 21, I had my first unexplained miscarriage and was told this is normal. WHAT!? The lies you tell.

Fast forward to the future, two other miscarriages and unexplained infertility. What was normal? What am I dealing with? Oh, you have PCOS. Take more medication, watch your carbs, and you’ll have a baby. Bitch what?

What happens when heavy bleeding goes untreated for years? What happens to our ovaries? Our uterus? Fallopian tubes? What happens to the trauma the womb endured for years? Miscarriage, SIDs, depression, infertility, PCOS, Endometriosis, fibroids, cyst, keep going.

All this bleeding, what Now?

Why am I saying all this? Because we didn’t manage our heavy bleeding back then, it will take some time to “normalize” the period. We can’t reverse what has happened, but we can make it better. Yes, this is where steaming comes in! It’s one way to manage our bleeding. It cleans the blood and manages the blood flow. Steaming makes massive improvements in women who suffer with fibroids, cyst, blocked fallopian tubes, PCOS, endometriosis and more.

There are other ways to improve our conditions, and it begins in the kitchen. It’s hard to switch a diet, but my therapist says to take it a day at a time. If we change our breakfast habits for 21 days and focus just on that, we will see a drastic improvement. Start with breakfast, then move on to lunch, then dinner. Same with working out. Just start by walking, then jog, then walk again and keep on walking until you are running. It’s all about fixing the mismanagement. Not impossible ladies! I’m rambling too much. Till next time.

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