Steaming Part II

Steaming Part II

I told one of my girlfriends I tried the steaming. Her face lit up like I told her I won the lottery. She asked how it was; I told her I was bored and hot. She rolled her eyes and said; I didn’t give it a chance. I’m like I did! I sat there for 40 minutes. She repeated, “Mack, you didn’t give it a chance.” I didn’t?

Steaming Comes Up Again 

I moved on and once again, the V-Steaming popped up on my radar. I saw the Goddess Detox all over my timeline from the blogs I follow. I listened to the Selfish Babe podcast, got their affirmations from the app and all that. Then I opened up more to the steaming and thought, maybe I should try this at home.

I found a woman from Etsy, who I befriended and ordered products from her. I got my first Yoni steaming seat and my herbs from her. When it was delivered, it sat in my house for like two weeks, maybe 3. At that time, I was going through a lot, my mother was dying. My focus was not on heating my coochie, it was on spending as much time with her and bracing myself for the inevitable.

I Steamed Again

After my mother died, I saw the pink seat. I was so depressed and feeling low. I said, let me give this a try. I boiled my herbs, cleaned the seat and sat over the seat. I put some candles in the bathroom and I brought in my phone. I took deep breaths and started crying my eyes out. Other than the wake and funeral, that would be the only time I cried since she passed. I steamed twice and was a complete mess when I came out the bathroom. Each time I steamed, I cried, felt better and slept through the night. A week later my period came.

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