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Soul Ties... Need to Break it?

You ever think about an ex? Not any ex, THAT EX. Sometimes, a short-lived or a long-term relationship seems to linger in our spirits long after the romance has ended. You think about that person from time to time or for others all the time. These are signs of a soul tie.  


It’s two things. The first one is common. You become intimate with someone and have a spiritual connection with them. The second one, less common, you were never intimate, but you made a spiritual and emotion connection with them.

Here is how you know if it’s a soul tie. You think about the person randomly or at a specific time of day. You think about them a lot and even dream about them. You may even think about them during sex with your current partner. Some people have even experienced smelling the other person at random times. These are all signs of you having a soul tie with someone.

What are you supposed to do? Break that bitch!

Honestly, if you have a soul tie with someone you are not with, what’s the point of keeping them in your spirit? Decide to break it. Acknowledge it’s there. Don’t ignore this soul tie and pretend that you’ve moved on.

If you have pictures of this person or text messages stored up. Guess what you have to do? Erase them. If you want to break the soul tie, have the guts to do it. Erase the text messages and get rid of pictures. HIT DELETE! Give away any gifts this person may have gotten you. Think about it, what do you need it for? If you want to move on, release this person from you and the things that link you to them.

You know I’m going to tell you to yoni steam. Sit with yourself (Try the Queen’s Steam from my website) and steam that soul tie right out of you. While you are steaming, imagine what true love is and picture someone else. Say affirmations of love and decide at that moment, love may enter your life. Cry it out, write it out. Forgive yourself and forgive your former partner.

I’ve heard of women writing out how they feel and things they wanted to say to their former lovers. Once everything is out, they burn the letter and let that person go. BREAK THE SOUL TIE!

What about your former lover?

You better believe if you feel them, they feel YOU. Do not be surprised if your ex resurfaces when you break the soul tie. Be aware of this and do not let them get you tied back in. You are free. Block them in advance!

It is very common for a soul to know you have cut them off, and they may reach back out because it is comfortable. If you are done with this person, choose to be done. They don’t have to be your enemy in order for you to be done. They just shouldn’t have a hold on you anymore. Care for yourself by breaking the soul tie.

Steaming my way to health,

Yoni Mack

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