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Amazon Review: Prebiotic Fiber Boost

You know who lives next to the womb? Our guts! The stomach is key to keeping us healthy. What we eat effects how our bodies function through the stomach. When we get a feeling about someone, where do we feel it? In our stomachs. So with so much connected to the stomach, we have to take care of it. 

I've tried this nice prebiotic fiber boost and found it helped me regulate my bathroom usage. It's easy to take with me. I mix it with my smoothies mainly or add some in my morning tea. 

I have a gluten intolerance. Which means, my body doesn't break down certain carbs as it should. I will either get sick or swell up. Sometimes, I get backed up. Taking this supplement here has helped keep me regular. 

Try it! Here is the Amazon Link: Prebiotic Fiber Boost

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