Yoni Mack FAQ

If I have a sensitive Yoni, what products can I use?

For women sensitive in the vaginal area, I will not suggest pearls right now. I would pick a steam that would address what you are looking to accomplish. If the steam is not there, for example, you are looking for help with constant infections with bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections specifically, please contact me to create a special steam that would be more sensitive to your yoni.


I am not comfortable steaming my Yoni. Is there any other way I can get the steam benefits?

Yes, you can get a Yoni bath bomb or one detox bath bomb. They have the similar herbs that the steam would have, and you can still benefit from them. Please note, the Bath Bomb self-care bath is not as strong as the actual steam benefits.


I am tall, or I don’t enjoy taking baths. Can I still use a Yoni bath bomb?

Yes, and no. What would be best is a showers steamer. You can always use the bomb, but it will have extra moisturizing oils I don’t want you slipping on in the shower. The Shower steamers are more focused on shower fizzy are more focused on aromatherapy, which is very beneficial for your yoni health and mental health. I also carry them just for you. Check out the bath bomb section. 


I had an allergic reaction to the Yoni Steam. What do I do?

While this is uncommon and hardly ever happens, if you get some kind of allergic reaction to the steam, use aloe vera gel to soothe it. 1% of women can not steam because of their sensitive yoni’s. If this is you, contact me for a safer alternative and speak to your GYN.


I feel pulling and cramps when I use the pearls. Is that normal?

Yes! This means it is working and the toxins are being pulled from your uterus on to the pearl. The pearl is working to remove the toxins, cyst, or fibroids. Remember, it is an extraction process.


Can I use the pearls during my period?

No, your period is already cleaning itself and you must leave it alone.


Can I have sex with the pearl?

NO! You're detoxing and removing toxins from the body. You do not want to disrupt this process.


How long do I have to wait to have sex after removing the pearl?

Wait at least two days so your body can fully remove the discharge and toxins the pearl removed.


How many pearls can I use at once?

You can only use one pearl at once. DO NOT put three pearls in your Yoni. Put one in at a time. Put one pearl in for 24-72 hours, then remove it. Wait another 24 hours, then you can put in one pearl again and start the process until you remove the third pearl. Always wait 24 hours after removing one pearl to put another one in. If you still have discharge coming out, wait another 24 hours before putting another one in. Doing a full cleanse will take up to 11 days because you have to wait at least 24 hours before inserting the next pearl.


If I’m trying to conceive, when should I use the pearl?

Do your cleanse 2 days after your cycle ends and before you begin your ovulation. Remember, this is an extraction process. If you are pregnant, you do not want to disrupt your baby’s growth.


I am trying to conceive; when should I steam?

You can only steam when you are not ovulating and not on your period. Basically, you have a two-week window to steam. Steaming opens you up and you want your cervix and uterus to focus on your growing baby, not relaxing or opening. Steaming will soften the cervix, and this can lead to a miscarriage.


How long do I have to wait to have sex after steaming?

You can have sex right away. Remember, slippery when wet!


Can I steam and use the pearls at the same time?

No, please use one at a time. Use the pearls, remove them, steam after 1-2 days, then wait 1-2 days to use another pearl. Do not steam with a pearl in your Yoni.


How long should I wait to steam after having a baby, miscarriage or an abortion?

Give your body time to get itself together naturally. Wait about 1-2 months before you steam. Meanwhile, you can use a bath bomb to help rebalance those hormones.


There are some cuts around or in my Yoni, can I still steam?

Wait until you heal before you steam. Sometimes we have to let the body heal itself before we use the holistic route. If it is not healing, go see your doctor before steaming.


How often should I steam?

Once a week, except for the week of your period.


While I am detoxing with the pearls, can I drink?

While detoxing, focus on the results you are looking to have and drink water half your body weight. Focus on detoxing and do not eat dairy. If you are going to eat meat, make sure they are lean meats.


Can I smoke with using the pearls?

Smoking dehydrates, and it is not recommended; however, it doesn’t stop the cleansing process. Make sure you are hydrated. You should be focused on detoxing and not smoke while the body cleanses itself of toxins.


Can I drink while steaming?

Yes, drinking a class of wine doesn’t hurt. Please don’t get drunk and steam. You could put yourself in danger when dealing with boiling water.


I am having an allergic reaction to the pearl, what should I do?

Remove it, and if you don’t feel better, see your GYN.


Can women who’ve had hysterectomy use steams?

Yes, the steaming will help with vaginal moisture and lubrication and help ease pelvic floor tension.


I am going through menopause; can I yoni steam?

Yes, it will help with vaginal dryness, help with your libido, aid in menopause symptoms and more. The Queen’s Steam or Queen’s Rebalance steam will help a lot!