Steaming Part III

Steaming Part III

When I steamed at home for the first two times, I wasn’t even sure if I was doing it right. I legit was in a grieving haze and tried to follow directions. When my period came, I was surprised. My period was not as heavy and didn’t have as many blood clots. 

My Period Was Shook!

Whenever my period would come, I have to go through pad, after pad, after pad. I have to wear the overnights all day and overnight with shorts because I will bleed out on my sheets. I hated my period, and I felt like it hated me. I would have cramps so bad that I would have 800 mg three times a day to get through the day. I had PMS, bloating, exhaustion, the worst.

After steaming only two times, I was like hold up… What is going on? Has my grief slowed down my flow? Is my period just gearing up to go to war with me because I put some steam down there? I was like I’ll go to war with Aunt Flo! So I steamed again and threw in some pearls to purge. Then the next month…

My cycle came back around and I couldn’t believe it. Not only did I not go through a crazy amount of pads, but the cramps calmed the fuck down. The clots were very limited.


AND I didn’t bleed on the bed for the first time in years. I was thrilled. I said I need to take this steaming more seriously and fully commit. My cycles improved, and the blood looked different. It was bright red and minimal clots. When I told my doctor, she was like… “Oh, really? Ok well Don’t forget to take your metformin!” What’s that for? Oh PCOS. But we talk about that another day.

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