Steaming Part 1

Steaming Part 1

Who in their right mind would boil boiling water and sit over it? This was my first thought when I first heard about V-Steaming. I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand the point of it and just as it came across my mind; it left just as quickly.

When I heard About Steaming

On my way to get my colonic (I try to get a few times a year. I’m not kidding. I am so prone to being constipated that this is the only way I know how to make sure I stay regular.) Anyway, I went to get my colonic, and the owner asked if I wanted to try to V-Steaming service. They were offering discounts on it. I could’ve laughed right in her face. You want me to sit over scorching water? She said just try it.

After I tried V-Steaming

I tried it after my colonic. I sat in a dim room, wearing a bathroom and nothing underneath, and sat over the hot pot. The woman helping me said, “Unplug and just meditate for an hour. Concentrate on what colors come to mind.” I called her back to ask to lower the head cause WTF it was hot. When I finally settled in, after 30 minutes I was bored and wanted to leave.

I kept trying to meditate and pray and focus on the time. But I couldn’t. I kept wondering how much more much time do I have. What I was going to do later. Deciding if I was going to drink this weekend, because I had a colonic, would that even make sense? Another 15 minutes went by and I just got up and grabbed my phone. I was like… wait, I still have 20 minutes!!! I got dressed and just sat in there for 20 minutes. I didn’t want to feel like a loser and walk about after like 40-45 minutes. I vowed to never steam again. What a waste of money, little did I know.

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