Make Him Crave You!

Make Him Crave You!

Men are visual and sensual. They remember how a woman looks and smells. (They should recall more but we are talking about men!) When his thoughts crave you, it’s like a lion coming out of his cave roaring for his queen. Because some of us live with our men or see them so often, the excitement can seem like it wears out, unlike in the beginning. If you are looking to bring it back… Here are a few tips.

Remember, men are visual and sensual. When a woman smells nice, not like a fruit from Bath and Body Works, I mean like a sexy scent from CHANEL, something with a vanilla or jasmine scent; it sticks in their minds.

I watched this cute documentary about marriages. One point all the men said that they love is when their wives touch them. I don’t mean a slap on the back when he takes out the trash. I mean a gentle touch on his shoulder. Glide your finger along his neck. Softly graze your fingertips on his along his arm. (Do it to yourself, it feels good!)

Shape and Skin
Wear clothes that show off your figure and show a little skin. He knows what you look like, so wearing tighter clothes that show off your figure, with a tease of skin, starts that craving. Baggy clothes hide a lot!

Crave Yourself
Touch yourself. I don’t mean picking your nose. Rub yourself. Touch your breast, neck, kiss your fingers, pull your hair. Play with yourself. Crave yourself and he’ll be crawling to you.

Yoni Steam
You know I was going to drop this nugget. The most popular question I get asked about yoni steaming is how does it help in the bedroom. My answer? A warm, wet pussy will have a man craving you for days, weeks, even months. Who doesn’t want to dip in a nice warm hot tub?

Stepping out of my office for a wine break,
Yoni Mack

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