Itchy Yoni? That’s a No, no!

Let’s get a little personal. What happens when your vagina smells, starts itching, or has some dryness? Do you go to the doctor? Take over counter meds? Wait a few days and hope it goes away? Side-eye your partner?

Usually, when you are experiencing some kind of discomfort in your vaginal area, it could be your pH is unbalanced. This causes yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and trichomoniasis. If you are experiencing them too often, it’s time to reevaluate what is throwing you off.

Things that cause these discomforts can be the type of condoms you use. How clean is your partner before having sex? Are you cleaning your sex toys before using them? What does your diet say? Many women have womb discomforts by what they eat. They are eating dairy products that lead them to have these discomforts. Wearing tight underwear, leggings or jeans, not letting your vagina breathe are all issues that lead to discomfort.

Ways to help with this discomfort!

Check what you’re eating. Sometimes, when women leave dairy products alone, they find better results and less discomfort. Eating those greens by cooking or blending (I blend because I just don’t want to eat them all the time!) will help balance that pH.

No Panties! Let your yoni breathe! I am one of those women who likes underwear. I will sleep topless but I like to wear underwear to bed. However, finding loose shorts to let my vagina breathe was the best thing for me. If I know I’m not leaving the house, it’s my bare ass walking around the house. Just kidding, I have to wear my boy shorts!

Yoni Steam! Check out my “Queen’s Rebalance Steam”. This steam specifically focuses on unbalanced pH in the womb area. I use this when I realized my vagina was randomly itching. I was relieved immediately. I actually steamed twice that week and the itching was gone.

Switch out condoms! Find out if you are allergic to certain condoms. This can cause vaginal dryness and infections in the womb area. I know you want to be safe, but be aware of what cause gives you problems. 

Clean Toys Clean your toys, yourself and your partner. Bacteria gets on everything so be aware of this before you have sex.

LUBE! Rethink using certain lubrications. Sometimes women can have allergic reactions to them. Go for a more organic, plant-based lubrication. Remember, ones with flavors can lead to irrigation later. Choose wisely.

Drinking my water and minding my business,
Yoni Mack

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