Fake Freak

Fake Freak

When I was seeing this guy, we had sex in two positions. Sometimes three, but I didn’t like the third one. (Long story, I’ll explain another time!) When we first started dating, he was freaky. He did a lot of foreplay, took his time, and always had me on 10.

Two months in, (we ended by month 3) it was only two positions and he stopped taking his time! I noticed the change when he always wanted the missionary position. That was a red flag and then this fool complained about not wanting to do all the freaky things because he was getting older. Dude, you’re 33!

Here is what I learned from that short-lived dating experience. It is important that we open ourselves up more to talking to our partners about what we want BEFORE we get intimate. Have that sex conversation when you know you are closer to having sex. Find out what they like and be honest about what you like. I said nothing to that guy because I didn’t want to “hurt his feelings”. I also said nothing when he slapped my titty. Ouch. (Another long story!)

No one taught us to speak up about our wants sexually. We were to satisfy the man. Be seen, not heard. Because of these stupid rules, so many women are unsatisfied because we said nothing. The one thing I’ve learned about men is they are simple. If you tell them what you want, they usually abide by it. (For a while at least) If you stay silent, they go on thinking they are so great and you end up with a vibrator in the bathroom at 3AM when he’s sleeping because you aren’t satisfied! Isn’t there more to life ladies? Soooo, SPEAK UP!

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