Dirty Dick or Stinky Vag?

I had a girlfriend who told me she and her man broke up because he said he couldn’t stand the smell of her vagina. I almost fainted. In fact, I choked on my wine because wtf did you just say?

Vaginal smell comes from different things. Yeast infections, BV, you name it. It’s usually curable and not a problem. However, if you are having a constant problem, it is time to go see the GYN. The issue I’m having with the over-the-counter meds is they may not solve the problem. My girlfriend told me she was taking meds for months because of the smell and it would come back off and on.

 What Causes odor?

What I’m thinking, honestly, there was more going on. Something was causing her to have continuous yeast infections. If you are not cleaning your toys, that will cause an infection. If you do not wash your hands before you wash your yoni that can also cause an infection. Those nails may not be clean, sis! Also, when you poop, if you do not wipe in the other direction, you could literally rub shit through on your vagina. Yup, I said it and screamed.

What Caused the Smell?

What her problem was, he was sleeping with someone else and would come to sleep with her. His dirty ass may not have even washed himself before having sex with both women. A dirty dick will absolutely throw off your pH! Not to mention, puts you at high risk for an STD! Sleeping with multiple partners can cause all kinds of problems. Those germs exchange give us nothing but problems.

What did she do?

To rebalance her pH she started yoni steaming, and she realized she needed to change her milk. The dairy was impeding her being balanced. I don’t believe she cut out all the dairy products but she cut down on dairy, meaning she wasn’t eating it every single day. She also used boric acid suppositories. It took a few weeks to maybe a month to get her together, but she got together. THANK GOODNESS!

Keeping it balanced,

Yoni Mack

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