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Yoni Mack

Yoni Steam Herbs ONLY

Yoni Steam Herbs ONLY

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Yoni Steam Organic Vaginal Steam Herbs for feminine health! 

Yoni steaming has been prescribed for thousands of years to support fertility, as well as challenging menstrual cycles, PMS, postpartum healing, menopause, cysts/fibroids, PCOS and more. Different plants (herbs) support the healing of each of these issues. When we steam the herbs in a pot of water, the oils of the plants are released into the water and are carried up throughout the steam into our yoni and uterus, where they can do their healing work. Our yoni is the MOST absorbent point on our bodies. When we bring heat to this sacred space, our blood flow and circulations increases. Yoni Steam Herbs

Emotionally, yoni steaming can rid the womb of harmful soul ties, trauma from sexual assault, pain from losses such as a child loss or miscarriage. Yoni steaming can bring healing from these emotional traumas and lead you to peace. Yoni steaming is a part of selflove and selfcare. Yoni Steam Herbs

Steaming herbs can tone, tighten & cleanse the vagina, increase vaginal moisture, decrease menstrual cramps, help balance hormones, and decrease heavy flow during menstruation. Steaming can also treat yeast and vaginal infections, which will decrease odor.  Yoni Steam Herbs

I offer multiple organic blends for every type of steam. You can choose which mix you want. If you are not sure, set up a consultation so we can figure out what would best suit you. Specialized blends are also available. Please contact me, and I can create one that best suits your needs if it is not listed on the website. Yoni Steam Herbs


WARNING! If you are pregnant, think you may be pregnant, breastfeeding, have an IUD or any sort of vaginal implant, DO NOT USE  V-STEAM Yoni Steam Herbs

**This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.** Yoni Steam Herbs

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