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Yoni Mack

Yoni Scrub

Yoni Scrub

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You ready for a gentle and natural way to cleanse and exfoliate your sensitive body parts? Yoni Mack has got you covered! My emulsifying Yoni Sugar Scrub is ready to help! My scrub is made with organic ingredients that are safe for you and the environment. Not to mention, it smells fantastic! Try it out and see for yourself.

Types of Scrubs:
Just Queen is the scrub for daily use, self-care, and sexy time. Yoni Scrub

Just Delete is best if you want to eliminate negative energy or physical impurities. This formula has poppy seeds included to help with exfoliation. Yoni Scrub

Just Balance scrub is a mild sugar scrub designed for yoni areas, inner thighs, and even your underarms. The Just Balance should only be used once or twice weekly, not daily. Yoni Scrub

To get soft, healthy-looking, and glowing skin, apply the scrub to your wet skin and massage it in circular motions. Then, rinse it off with some lukewarm water. For best results, use it once or twice a week.

- Helps remove dead skin through exfoliation.
- Prevents razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Yoni Scrub
- Great to use both before and after waxing or shaving.
- Leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated.
- Can help lighten the bikini area Yoni Scrub
- Promotes a healthy pH balance

**DO NOT USE INSIDE "V" only use on the outside of your "V" and body then rinse off.** Yoni Scrub

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