Fibroid Queen Collection 

Fibroid Queen BootCamp

Ready to relieve your womb of fibroids? Get your consultation and productions when you order. It's time! 

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Here are some of the benefits of your consultation


You will have up to an hour to talk to me about where you are in your journey. We'll discuss your plans with the Queen and how I am here to help eliminate those fibroids. 

Fibroid One Package

You will get your Fibroid Elimination phase one package. This includes the 30 Day Fibroid Queen Tea, Tea infuser and Get Balanced Soap. Let's rebalance those hormones!  

Phrase II Yoni Steaming

After your first 30 days on the tea, we meet again for a quick consultation. I see how you did with the tea and soap. Then we move on to the Yoni Steaming. You prep for the next 60 days!

Eat4 Your Cells Challenge

Ready to Detox that Gut? In addition to your Challenge, a big part of balancing your hormones and losing weight is cleaning out your gut! Yoni Mack has a gut tea meant to clean our your stomach and womb area. Are you ready? Level up the challenge and order your tea!

Ready to Upgrade and Yoni Steam? 

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