My Amazon Picks!

I am focused on helping women. I want to make sure you get what you need and heal yourself. I can not make every product and a lot of my products go hand in hand with other products. I recommend many of the products below.

Remember, if you have questions, reach out to me! In the meantime, get familiar with these other products. I will never steer you in the wrong direction. If I use it, then I approve of it. I am here to tell you what I use on my healing journey. You aren't alone, Queen. 

Prenatal Vitamins



Cost: 27.99

Cost: 27.99

Cost: 17.84


Cotton Organic Flannel

Castor Oil Pack


Organic Castor Oil 

Cost: 17.24

Cost: 27.16

Cost: 29.98

Hot Water Bottle

Prebiotic Fiber Boost

Myo/Chiro Inositol

Cost: 11.99
Cost: 23.09
Cost: 21.99
Simple hot bottle water is all you need when you are having cramps or you are doing a castor oil pack. They are so helpful for relaxing the womb and stomach.   It's all about getting the natural probiotics in our digestive systems. Add this to your teas, smoothies and coffee and you are ready. It's all about balance and a healthy gut.  For my ladies that don't want to measure the power supplement, you can just pop these and go. They do the same thing. 
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